Installation Guide

BrainStat is available in Python and MATLAB.

Python installation

BrainStat requires Python 3.7+. Assuming you have the correct version of Python installed and aliased to python, you can install BrainStat by running the following

python -m pip install brainstat

Python Dependencies

If you want to use the meta analysis module, you’ll also have to download and install the package pyembree. This package is only available through conda-forge:

conda install -c conda-forge pyembree

MATLAB installation

This toolbox is compatible with MATLAB versions R2019b and newer.

We recommend installing the toolbox through the Mathworks FileExchange. Simply download the file as a toolbox and open the .mltbx file in MATLAB. Alternatively, you can install the same .mltbx file from our GitHub Releases.

If you don’t want to install BrainStat as a MATLAB Toolbox, you can also simply download the repository and run the following in MATLAB:


If you want to load BrainStat every time you start MATLAB, type edit startup and append the above line to the end of this file.

MATLAB Dependencies

BrainStat relies on functionality included in the BrainSpace toolbox. Please see the BrainSpace installation guide for installation instructions.

If you wish to open gifti files (required for data loader function) you will also need to install the gifti library.